Alberta Ballet 2016.17 Season Campaign


Create a series of brand images for each of the seven performances of Alberta Ballet's celebratory 50th season. Each image needed to capture the emotion from the individual show and work within the established brand.

The images used repetition, colour, cropping, and bold typography to convey tone and excitement for each show and were mainly used for marketing materials in social media. Designed in collaboration with Theresa Kwan with art direction from Rita Sasges. Completed during my internship at Frank Design Strategy.

ABA_newseason image mockupsABA_newseason image mockups

Alberta Ballet,
Dance Circle Program

I was also tasked with designing the brand extension and visual system for Alberta Ballet's Dance Circle program to encourage support and donations to the ballet. The program offers exclusive benefits including behind the scenes tours, personal interactions with the ballet directors, lounge access, and free parking.

A mail-out brochure was sent out to Alberta Ballet subscribers that explained why donations are necessary for a successful season. Donating patrons were then mailed a package that used tactility, colour, and a creative folding technique to convey the exclusivity and special offer of the program. This project was completed during my internship at Frank Design Strategy with art direction by Rita Sasges.

Dance Circle Package_business cards mock_02Dance Circle Package_business cards mock_02
Dance Circle Package_brochure mock_01Dance Circle Package_brochure mock_01
Dance Circle Package_brochure mock_04.2Dance Circle Package_brochure mock_04.2
Dance Circle Package_brochure mock_05Dance Circle Package_brochure mock_05
Dance Circle Package_brochure mock_01.2Dance Circle Package_brochure mock_01.2
Dance Circle Package_brochure mock_07Dance Circle Package_brochure mock_07
Dance Circle Package_brochure mock_08Dance Circle Package_brochure mock_08
Dance Circle Package_brochure mock_09Dance Circle Package_brochure mock_09
Dance Circle Package_foldable 5_01.4Dance Circle Package_foldable 5_01.4
Dance Circle Package_thank you card_01Dance Circle Package_thank you card_01
Dance Circle Package_parking pass_01Dance Circle Package_parking pass_01