Lost Title Sequence


Applied Arts Student Award
Broadcast Graphics category

Conceptualize and design an approach to the title sequence for the television show Lost.

The Lost series includes elements of drama, science fiction, mystery, and adventure following the lives of plane crash survivors on a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean. The overall tone is very mysterious, suspenseful, dramatic, and eerie. I chose to set the tone to prepare viewers for watching the show by capturing one of the main themes. The sequence depicts how characters uncover new truths about the island, which come to consume them as an overwhelming darkness.

A_Lost Title SequenceA_Lost Title Sequence
B_Lost Title SequenceB_Lost Title Sequence
C_Lost Title SequenceC_Lost Title Sequence
D_Lost Title SequenceD_Lost Title Sequence
E_Lost Title SequenceE_Lost Title Sequence
F_Lost Title SequenceF_Lost Title Sequence