Travolve App Design

Starting with the New York Times article “What Your Vacation Says About You,” by Arthur C. Brooks, I was inspired to research the topic further and develop a project that helps people understand the content.

The article gave insights into the connection between who we are and where we choose to travel or go on vacation. I also soon found that travelling and vacations are proven to create personal growth in a number of ways, and that people tend to enjoy planning their trips just as much as actually taking them. With the understanding that most trip planning apps place emphasis on price and “deals of the day,” I decided to create an app focused on rich experiences allowing you to plan your trip based on how you want to grow.

My role
UX Design
UI Design

Personal Project

travolve_ipad mockup_1 ipadtravolve_ipad mockup_1 ipad
travolve_ipad mockup_2 ipads_login_02travolve_ipad mockup_2 ipads_login_02
travolve_ipad mockup_03travolve_ipad mockup_03
travolve_ipad mockup_travolvenyctravolve_ipad mockup_travolvenyc
travolve_ipad mockup_05travolve_ipad mockup_05
travolve_ipad mockup_creative experiencestravolve_ipad mockup_creative experiences
travolve_ipad mockup_2 ipads_05travolve_ipad mockup_2 ipads_05
travolve_ipad mockup_13travolve_ipad mockup_13
travolve_ipad mockup_12travolve_ipad mockup_12
travolve_ipad mockup_travolvechattravolve_ipad mockup_travolvechat
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travolve_ipad mockup_11travolve_ipad mockup_11